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Address :the south of chiyangkou village,Changli county, Hebei province
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Changli Haidong aquatic product and food stuff co., ltd. was established in January 24, 2000, which is located in the south of chiyangkou village. Changli county, Hebei province has the registered capital of 20 million CNY, our company is specialized in the research and development, hatching, breeding, processing, exporting of aquatic products, including frozen boiled baby clam meat, bay scallop (IQF), frozen half-shell sea scallop, comb pen shell, sea scallop, frozen octopus, etc .our Products are mainly exported to Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. There are 300 staffs in our company now and more than 20 staffs have degree or above , we also have a technical management team of high-level and high-quality and experience to s requirements of aquatic product processing, research and development. The company covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, including two production lines, four frozen library, two tunnel-based cryogenic machines which has the quick-freezing ability of 80 tons and refrigerating 3000 tons and enclosed workshop and medium-sized standardized laboratory which covers an area of 1500 square meters, meanwhile we have a water nursery room and a breeding base which occupies the tidal flats of 213300 square meters. The company set up and improve the safety and quality-system, and has a strictly implement in the actual processing and production. We can realize the whole process which is from raw material to the finished product and back to ensure the safety of aquatic products export.  
In order to ensure the supply of raw materials and mobilize farmers, our company signed the purchase contract with farmers in the breeding base and surrounding areas to buy raw materials in the mode of market purchase. At present, our company has signed purchase contracts with the surrounding counties 1200 farmers in the surrounding areas, mobilize a base breeding area of more than 660000 square meters and more than 3000 farmers to breed aquatic products, at the same time, the company also improve the employment condition and economy condition, more and more farmers join us, and have been the leading enterprise in Qin Huangdao.
Our company is a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Qin Huangdao city and base enterprise in Hebei province, in 2008, 2009 and 2008, the company was called ‘the provincial and municipal credible enterprise. Xiao Haidong who is our chairman was voted to ‘the provincial excellent young leader’ in 2004,’ the china advanced leader’ in 2005, ‘ advanced young farmers in Qin Huangdao’ in2008 and ‘venture pioneers in Qin Huangdao’, etc.
Our company regards the slogan of ‘quality is first, reputation is first" as the purpose, and conduct the technology transformation and equipment renewal, and develop new products all the time, to meet the needs of customers in China and abroad. Welcome new and old  friends to our company.

Address :the south of chiyangkou village,Changli county, Hebei province    Telephone :0335-2260288
 Fax :0335-2260188     post code:066600
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